Group information

To be able to assist all the youth members from the many different scouts groups in the most efficient manor, it would be very useful for us as the ScoutShop to have an up to date list with what the members need to buy at the ScoutShop. It differs per group and sometimes even per section in one group. Some only  need to buy the ScoutFit shirt, some need to buy the neckerchiefs and badges too. In 2018 we've tried to get our details up to date, but we haven't got all the information back. So if you're not sure if your group has handed in this (important) information, please contact us to check, or just send us the details (again).

As a parent, it is recommended to check with the leaders what needs to be bought at the ScoutShop and what will be provided via the group. That way we can help you quickly and efficiently.

Download this group-information-form to be able to provide us with the up to date details from your group.